Armenian Young Women's Association Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales
7-12 June 2015, Yerevan, Armenia
(Arrival and departure days: June 7 and 12)

About AYWA

Armenian Young Women's Association (AYWA) NGO ( was founded in March 2004.

The overall goal of AYWA is to promote development of Armenia through increasing women's role in the social, political, economic, educational, cultural, business and other fields in Armenia.

AYWA's objectives are: develop and promote women's entrepreneurship and self-employment; encourage creation of job places for women; develop women's professional skills and working capacity; raise awareness of women about their rights and responsibilities; promote women's active participation in decision-making; promote women's participation in national and local government levels; support in the maintenance and strengthening of national and global values; promote intercultural dialogue and communication; establish communication platforms; establish/widen women's formal groups links; enhance the capacity of women's formal and non-formal groups; provide targeted informational support to women's formal and non-formal groups.

AYWA implements projects throughout Armenia. AYWA's primary beneficiaries are girls, women and youth above 13. Since its foundation AYWA has implemented over 100 projects with more than 30,000 beneficiaries participation. These projects are particularly aimed at developing the Armenian communities, ensuring the economic sustainability of families, promoting women's economic participation, leadership development, women's involvement in the community processes, protection of women's health, enhancing the level of women's knowledge and awareness as responsible citizens, dissemination of Armenian culture and traditions, promoting women and social entrepreneurship development.

In certain projects AYWA also ensures wider participation of the population thus raising the public awareness on women's issues and building a healthy atmosphere in the society, encouraging and spreading tolerance and solidarity on all sectors of society.

AYWA strategic directions are:

AYWA is a member of different international organizations, such as FCEM (, WECF (, ENYC (

AYWA has founded and is coordinating:

AYWA has created: