Armenian Young Women's Association Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales
7-12 June 2015, Yerevan, Armenia
(Arrival and departure days: June 7 and 12)

Draft Agenda

June 7, 2015    Arrival of the participants


June 8, 2015 CONFERENCE venue: Komitas Institute-Museum (address: 28 Arshakunyats Ave). 

08.20 – Participants transfer from the hotel to the Museum

08.45-09.15 Registration

09.30-10.15 Opening of the conference

Opening speech:

  • Ms.Lilit Asatryan, Conference organizational committee chair,  President of Armenian Young Women’s Association & Women Entrepreneurs Network of Armenia, Member of Public Council of the Republic of Armenia.

Welcome speeches:

  • Mr.Hovik Abrahamyan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia
  • Ms.Hermine Naghdalyan, Vice speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia        
  • Mr.Richard M.Mills, Jr., H.E. U.S. Ambassador to Armenia
  • Mr.Hoa-Binh Adjemian, EU, Head of Cooperation section
  • Ms.Laura Frati Gucci, FCEM, World president
  • Mr. Mark Davis, Head of Yerevan Resident Office, EBRD
  • Mr. David Dole, Resident Representative of Asian Development Bank in Armenia
  • Mrs.Anahit Simonyan, Head of UNIDO Operations in Armenia
  • Ms. Anne Dorit Kempa, GIZ Country Director
  • Mr. Gegham Petrosyan, Director of SME DNC
  • Ms. Gayane Mkrtchyan, IFC Operations Officer
  • Mrs.Nestan Kirtadze, President of International   Development and Leadership Network and International Successful Women’s Club

10.15-10.45 Group photo, Coffee break

10.45-11.05 “Women, Work, and the Economy: Macroeconomic Gains from Gender Equity”,

Ms. Teresa Daban Sanchez, Resident Representative of IMF to Armenia

11.05-11.25 “IDeA and RVVZ Educational initiatives in Armenia and the role of women in the modern education”, 

Ms. Veronika Zonabend, Co-Founder of RVVZ foundation, IDEA foundation

11.25-13.00 “Women entrepreneurship necessity and its promotion on national and international levels”:

Moderator: Ms. Mariam Babayan, GIZ, Private Sector Development in South Caucasus Programme Expert

Panel speakers:

  • Ms.Elinar Vardanyan – Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia;
  • Ms. Gayane Mkrtchyan - IFC Operations Officer;
  • Ms. Zara Ohanyan, EBRD Small Business Support Project Specialist
  • Ms. Elen Manukyan, SME DNC Training projects coordinator;
  • Dr. Paata Brekashvili, Director of MBA, MSc & PhD Programs Department, Caucasus School of Business, Caucasus University
  • Mr.Artak Mangasaryan – Head, State Employment Agency, Armenia

13.00-14.15 Lunch

14.15-15.15 “Role of networks in women entrepreneurship development on national and international levels. Opportunities and responsibilities”:

Moderator: Ms.Marina Mkhitaryan, Head of UNDP Armenia Innovations Lab

Panel speakers:

  • Ms.Marie Christine Oghli – FCEM Vice president, France;
  • Ms.Nestan Kirtadze - President of International   Development and Leadership Network and International Successful Women’s Club, Belgium, Georgia;
  • Ms.Makrita Avjyan – Country Director, Central Eurasian Leadership Alliance (CELA)
  • Ms.Armenuhi Khachatryan – Co-owner, Director, Lavazza franchised coffee shops in Armenia
  • Ms.Lilit Asatryan – President of Armenian Young Women’s Association,   Women Entrepreneurs Network of Armenia, FCEM Armenia;

15.15-16.30 “Wo/men entrepreneurship: Art to find attraction”:

Moderator: Ms. Mariam Movsisyan, PR and Communications Expert

Panel speakers:

  • Ms.Caroline Zakaryan – Owner of HyeLandz Eco Village;
  • Ms.Aline Masrlyan-Saryan – Owner of “Haleb” Eastern sweets factory;
  • Ms. Jacqueline Karaaslanian, Executive Director of LUYS foundation;
  • Ms.Irina Israyelyan – Member of Lori Council of Women, Owner of “IRIS” B&B; EU project participant
  • Ms.Elina Markaryan – Co-founder and CEO of Living Jewelry;
  • Ms. Karine Ghukasyan – Director of “Kara&Karen” LTD, EU project participant
  • Ms.Gayane Khachatryan – President of “Talin Women’s Resource Centre” Development Foundation          

16.30-17.00 Coffee break

17.00-18.00 Presentation “Women Entrepreneurship & Crowdfunding”:

  • Mr. Nazareth Seferyan – Country Director, “One Armenia”
  • Mr.Khachik Gevorgyan – Executive Director, USAAA, founder of ARMACAD

18.00-18.30 Move to exhibition area, “KARLLEVONI” Art Gallery, Address: Vardanants 14/1

18.30 Opening of the Exhibition:

Artworks of Ms.Lilit Danielyan – Board Member of Armenian Young Women’s Association and Women Entrepreneurs Network of Armenia

19.00-20.00 Back to hotel

20.30 Dinner made by the Master cooks - winners in national and international competitions


June 9, 2015

CONFERENCE VENUE: Komitas Institute-Museum (address: 28 Arshakunyats Ave) 

08.30-09.45 B2B meetings (Moderator: Ms. Nune Pepanyan, Support to National Assembly of Armenia)

09.45-10.00 Introducing the draft resolution of the conference

10.00-11.15 “Why women Entrepreneurship? Women entrepreneurship development importance in the world”:

Moderator: Ms.Nonna Khachatryan, Lecturer at Yerevan State University

Panel speakers:

  • Ms. Svetlana Hakobyan – President, “DAR” foundation;
  • Ms.Anahit Bakhshyan – Deputy director, National Institute of Education;
  • Ms.Joelle Baccialon – FCEM-Monaco President, FCEM Secretary General, Director of Tramont International SARL, Monaco;
  • Ms. Armenuhi Aghababyan – Member, Women Council of Lori region, entrepreneur, EU project participant;
  • Ms. Yelena Vardanyan, Member of Public Council;
  • Ms.Roza Gharibyan, Deputy Director of “CRUMBS” bread factory
  • Ms. Lusine Mkrtchyan, U.S. Embassy Cultural and educational specialist, Women’s Mentoring Program Coordinator

11.15-11.45 Coffee break

11.45-12.00 Introducing the resolution of the conference

12.00-13.30 Leaving for the meeting at the Yerevan State University. Meeting with YSU students and session

13.30-15.00 Lunch

15.00-17.00 Visit to Mother See of Holy Etchmiatzin

17.30-18.30 Visit to Megerian carpets factory

19.00 Dinner at Megeryan carpets


June 10, 2015

11.00-17.00 EXPO of women producers and companies with women participation  (Government House 1, entrance from Melik Adamyan street, 1th floor)

08.00-09.45 Tour to Hyelandz Resort Village, Kotayk region, Geghadir village

09.45-11.15 Visit Garni temple and Geghard monastery

11.15-11.45-Back to Yerevan

11.45-12.30 Press conference. Signing MoU between partners

Visiting EXPO (tour participants) (Government House 1, entrance from Melik Adamyan street, 1th floor)

12.30-14.30 Lunch, Tour to Sipan LLC, Kotayk region, Abovyan town

14.30-16.00 Tour to “Haleb” Eastern sweets factory, Yerevan

16.00-17.00 Back to the hotel

17.00 Tour to vineyards of Golden Grape ArmAs, Aragatsotn region, Nor Yedesia village: “Winery heritage and Agrotourism development perspectives in Armenia”.

Gala dinner, “Women Entrepreneurship Ambassador-2015”Award ceremony


June 11, 2015

Cultural day

Visits to: Matenadaran, Parajanov museum, “Ararat” Yerevan Brandy Company


June 12, 2015   Departure of the participants