Armenian Young Women's Association Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales
7-12 June 2015, Yerevan, Armenia
(Arrival and departure days: June 7 and 12)

Conference Concept

About the conference

The International Conference on women entrepreneurship "Vision of new developments" is organized by AYWA (Armenian Young Women’s Association) & WENA (Women Entrepreneurs Network in Armenia) under the umbrella of FCEM (World Association of Women Entrepreneurs) from June 7 to 12, 2015 in Yerevan, Armenia. The conference aims to present the successful experience of women entrepreneurs from different countries, share the ideas and experience to establish a good basis for further cooperation among the local and international business women. The conference is a good stage for women entrepreneurs to create new links with potential new partners, to find opportunities for investments in Armenia, to widen the network of women entrepreneurship on global level. Particularly the encouraged areas for investment and cooperation are Education, Culture, Energy, Tourism, IT, (mining, textile, chemical, and other) Industry, Agriculture. Conference also aims to identify the challenges in the entrepreneurship and encourage the strengthening women entrepreneurship communities on national and global levels.

FCEM members, other networks members, women entrepreneurs from different countries, representatives of businesses, state bodies, financial structures, international organizations, public sector, mass media, scientists and experts are invited to participate in the conference.

Conference goals are:

Tasks of conference are:

Working language

Armenian and English will be the working languages of the whole conference.